Williams County, Ohio, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Buchs, John A.   I145397
2 Buchs, John Anthony  10 Sep 1897Williams County, Ohio, USA I69953
3 Buchs, Thelma Maxine  21 Dec 1928Williams County, Ohio, USA I145398
4 Divert, Ethelen  18 Aug 1890Williams County, Ohio, USA I89609
5 Goebel, Anna Mary Magdalina  21 Sep 1897Williams County, Ohio, USA I86064
6 Goebel, Anthony John  7 Aug 1909Williams County, Ohio, USA I86080
7 Goebel, Arnold Rupert  11 Jun 1911Williams County, Ohio, USA I86081
8 Goebel, Bernard Joseph  14 Feb 1911Williams County, Ohio, USA I167168
9 Goebel, Elizabeth Ann  12 Feb 1896Williams County, Ohio, USA I86072
10 Goebel, Franciska Thelma  7 Nov 1916Williams County, Ohio, USA I90082
11 Goebel, Irene Verta  26 Jan 1915Williams County, Ohio, USA I86083
12 Goebel, Joseph  7 Apr 1934Williams County, Ohio, USA I90062
13 Goebel, Lawrence Isador  25 Jan 1899Williams County, Ohio, USA I86074
14 Goebel, Loretta Helen  4 Jun 1913Williams County, Ohio, USA I86082
15 Goebel, Lucille Annette  29 Apr 1903Williams County, Ohio, USA I86077
16 Goebel, Oscar Bernard  9 Jun 1907Williams County, Ohio, USA I86079
17 Goebel, Oswald Adam  5 Mar 1901Williams County, Ohio, USA I86076
18 Goebel, Walter Cletus  20 Jun 1905Williams County, Ohio, USA I86078
19 Hilger, Anna  28 Mar 1869Williams County, Ohio, USA I86069
20 Hilger, Catherine  10 Jan 1872Williams County, Ohio, USA I442424
21 Hilger, George L.  28 Mar 1881Williams County, Ohio, USA I442417
22 Hilger, John D.  26 Aug 1926Williams County, Ohio, USA I457350
23 Hilger, Josephine  1879Williams County, Ohio, USA I442427
24 Hilger, Michael  0Jul 1875Williams County, Ohio, USA I442426
25 Huart, Louisa G.  8 Jan 1877Williams County, Ohio, USA I442422
26 Keller, Jack Laverne  18 Aug 1923Williams County, Ohio, USA I152101
27 Kline, John E.  2 May 1885Williams County, Ohio, USA I122478
28 Kline, Ralph E.  13 Apr 1909Williams County, Ohio, USA I122476
29 Lirot, Bertha Arno  21 Dec 1912Williams County, Ohio, USA I86059
30 Manon, Frank C.  1893Williams County, Ohio, USA I137261
31 Nye, Alice Ann  6 Nov 1909Williams County, Ohio, USA I155136
32 Nye, Anna Rozella  17 Nov 1914Williams County, Ohio, USA I155139
33 Nye, Clara Louise  23 Apr 1887Williams County, Ohio, USA I137265
34 Nye, Edwin Isaac  7 May 1919Williams County, Ohio, USA I155141
35 Nye, Florence M.  3 Mar 1911Williams County, Ohio, USA I155137
36 Nye, Forest Robert  24 Nov 1912Williams County, Ohio, USA I155138
37 Nye, Hazel Evelyn  13 Feb 1917Williams County, Ohio, USA I155140
38 Nye, John Frank  30 Oct 1877Williams County, Ohio, USA I137264
39 Nye, Robert John  15 Dec 1929Williams County, Ohio, USA I155142
40 Shaffer, Loren R.  6 Jul 1940Williams County, Ohio, USA I232003
41 Siebenaler, Albert J.  31 Aug 1872Williams County, Ohio, USA I442420
42 Siebenaler, Albert John  19 Jan 1911Williams County, Ohio, USA I155144
43 Siebenaler, Cleo George  10 Nov 1903Williams County, Ohio, USA I137271
44 Siebenaler, Cora Margaret  13 Nov 1889Williams County, Ohio, USA I137262
45 Siebenaler, Cyril Anthony  2 Jan 1915Williams County, Ohio, USA I155146
46 Siebenaler, Dale John  12 Sep 1919Williams County, Ohio, USA I86066
47 Siebenaler, Elenora   I155148
48 Siebenaler, Evelyn Josephine  29 Jan 1901Williams County, Ohio, USA I137260
49 Siebenaler, Herbert John  26 Apr 1888Williams County, Ohio, USA I137263
50 Siebenaler, Isaac Marvin  28 Feb 1896Williams County, Ohio, USA I86065

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blomeke, Johannes Anton  13 Dec 1879Williams County, Ohio, USA I216798
2 Bowersox, Mary M.  Williams County, Ohio, USA I122481
3 Buchs, John Anthony  1 Dec 1997Williams County, Ohio, USA I69953
4 Buchs, Lewis Dewayne  30 Dec 1942Williams County, Ohio, USA I89606
5 Curry, Jacob Leroy  28 Jul 1964Williams County, Ohio, USA I137210
6 Divert, Ethelen  14 Feb 1954Williams County, Ohio, USA I89609
7 Fiig, Elizabeth Rose  1 Apr 2009Williams County, Ohio, USA I69947
8 Fiig, John Cletus  5 Sep 1967Williams County, Ohio, USA I69951
9 Fiig, John William  15 Aug 1961Williams County, Ohio, USA I67860
10 Goebel, Arnold Rupert  6 Nov 1930Williams County, Ohio, USA I86081
11 Goebel, Joseph  7 Apr 1934Williams County, Ohio, USA I90062
12 Goebel, Lawrence Isador  5 Nov 1975Williams County, Ohio, USA I86074
13 Goebel, Oswald Adam  10 Mar 1916Williams County, Ohio, USA I86076
14 Hilger, Catherine  4 May 1957Williams County, Ohio, USA I442424
15 Hilger, George L.  13 Sep 1928Williams County, Ohio, USA I442417
16 Hilger, Josephine  1929Williams County, Ohio, USA I442427
17 Hilger, Michael  0Sep 1876Williams County, Ohio, USA I442426
18 Huart, Louisa G.  16 Aug 1941Williams County, Ohio, USA I442422
19 Jerger, Johannes Baptist  12 Oct 1911Williams County, Ohio, USA I98808
20 Jerger, Louisa Theresa  18 Jun 1968Williams County, Ohio, USA I124626
21 Jerger, Victoria Dorothea  28 Apr 1918Williams County, Ohio, USA I124624
22 Keller, Jack Laverne  3 Feb 1998Williams County, Ohio, USA I152101
23 Kline, Henry J.  Williams County, Ohio, USA I122480
24 Kline, Ralph E.  16 Oct 1967Williams County, Ohio, USA I122476
25 Mann, Alda Mabel  10 May 1973Williams County, Ohio, USA I137269
26 Nye, Alice Ann  18 Apr 1986Williams County, Ohio, USA I155136
27 Nye, Anna Rozella  16 Feb 1984Williams County, Ohio, USA I155139
28 Nye, Clara Louise  10 Oct 1961Williams County, Ohio, USA I137265
29 Nye, Florence M.  29 Apr 2000Williams County, Ohio, USA I155137
30 Nye, Hazel Evelyn  20 Jun 1969Williams County, Ohio, USA I155140
31 Nye, John Frank  15 Mar 1945Williams County, Ohio, USA I137264
32 Nye, Robert John  5 Jul 1956Williams County, Ohio, USA I155142
33 Siebenaler, Albert J.  23 Jan 1910Williams County, Ohio, USA I442420
34 Siebenaler, Albert John  19 Dec 1994Williams County, Ohio, USA I155144
35 Siebenaler, Cora Margaret  6 Oct 1943Williams County, Ohio, USA I137262
36 Siebenaler, Cyril Anthony  22 Feb 2002Williams County, Ohio, USA I155146
37 Siebenaler, Ethel Louise  1 Jan 1920Williams County, Ohio, USA I442418
38 Siebenaler, Herbert John  21 Apr 1953Williams County, Ohio, USA I137263
39 Siebenaler, Lawrence Sylvester  30 Aug 1975Williams County, Ohio, USA I155147
40 Siebenaler, Robert Nicolas  29 May 1921Williams County, Ohio, USA I137266
41 Siebenaler, Rosella Marie  3 Jan 1960Williams County, Ohio, USA I69962
42 Siebenaler, Vincent Williams  28 Feb 1948Williams County, Ohio, USA I155145
43 Stark, Victoria Barbara  11 Jul 1970Williams County, Ohio, USA I169045
44 Wehrle, Johannes  23 Sep 1940Williams County, Ohio, USA I442425
45 Yost, Margaretha  2 Jun 1907Williams County, Ohio, USA I137268


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Buchs / Keller  29 Aug 1917Williams County, Ohio, USA F38648
2 Buchs / King  12 Jan 1921Williams County, Ohio, USA F31953
3 Curry / Jerger  9 Feb 1910Williams County, Ohio, USA F53576
4 Ginter / Mohr  22 Jun 1950Williams County, Ohio, USA F38679
5 Goebel / Stark  15 Oct 1912Williams County, Ohio, USA F66912
6 Hilger / Jerger  24 Oct 1902Williams County, Ohio, USA F147132
7 Jerger / Stoy  7 Jan 1902Williams County, Ohio, USA F57783
8 Lirot / Divert  30 Apr 1907Williams County, Ohio, USA F38671
9 Manon / Siebenaler  21 Nov 1922Williams County, Ohio, USA F57799
10 Rohrbaugh / Buchs  22 Jun 1918Williams County, Ohio, USA F38647
11 Siebenaler / Greenman  26 Jan 1925Williams County, Ohio, USA F57797
12 Siebenaler / Hilger  2 Aug 1887Williams County, Ohio, USA F31960
13 Siebenaler / Huart  1 Oct 1895Williams County, Ohio, USA F147131
14 Siebenaler / Nye  26 Jan 1909Williams County, Ohio, USA F57802
15 Siebenaler / Ruder  28 Apr 1925Williams County, Ohio, USA F57798
16 Snyder / Jerger  1 Feb 1915Williams County, Ohio, USA F53577