Putnam County, Ohio, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bockrath, Florence E.  Abt 1920Putnam County, Ohio, USA I210570
2 Claypool, Juanita Orleana  15 Jan 1925Putnam County, Ohio, USA I149497
3 Doepker, Anna Mae  15 May 1915Putnam County, Ohio, USA I149259
4 Doepker, Carl Franklin  22 Mar 1914Putnam County, Ohio, USA I149258
5 Doepker, Ina R.  6 Dec 1916Putnam County, Ohio, USA I149261
6 Doepker, Robert Lawrence   I149260
7 Grimm, Hilmar Gerhard Heinrich  24 Jan 1912Putnam County, Ohio, USA I150884
8 Kramer, Albert M.  17 Oct 1897Putnam County, Ohio, USA I13668
9 Kreinbrink, Henry Bernard  27 Feb 1916Putnam County, Ohio, USA I385701
10 Myers, Thelma Jean  24 Jun 1925Putnam County, Ohio, USA I267221
11 Roof, Marcella Lucinda   I237750
12 Roof, Mildred   I237747
13 Roof, Wilbert A.   I237746
14 Ruhe, Viola G.  15 Dec 1916Putnam County, Ohio, USA I149370
15 Sawmiller, Rosemary Felicia  8 Dec 1919Putnam County, Ohio, USA I237777
16 Schneeg, Dorothy V.  7 Jun 1924Putnam County, Ohio, USA I210555
17 Schneeg, Oscar H.  16 Oct 1922Putnam County, Ohio, USA I210554
18 Schneeg, Walter   I210553
19 Seimet, Anna Thelma  9 May 1907Putnam County, Ohio, USA I95543
20 Seimet, Lauretta Mary Sheeley  8 Mar 1901Putnam County, Ohio, USA I102505
21 Seimet, Ruth Ann   I267215
22 Seimet, Sylvester H.  22 Oct 1914Putnam County, Ohio, USA I95529
23 Seimet, Velma  13 Feb 1919Putnam County, Ohio, USA I267213
24 Seimet, Virgil H.  20 Aug 1921Putnam County, Ohio, USA I267216
25 Steffen, Amos Henry  14 Feb 1881Putnam County, Ohio, USA I95553
26 Steffen, Dortha V.   I95556
27 Steffen, Gladys Odelia  31 Aug 1909Putnam County, Ohio, USA I95555
28 Verhoff, Harry Henry  17 Oct 1909Putnam County, Ohio, USA I114994
29 Wank, Norbert J.  17 Oct 1910Putnam County, Ohio, USA I149371
30 Werner, Sylvester Mathias  12 Dec 1891Putnam County, Ohio, USA I11734


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bockrath, Florence E.  1954Putnam County, Ohio, USA I210570
2 Diemer, Charles Franklin  14 Jul 1913Putnam County, Ohio, USA I12763
3 Doepker, Carl Franklin  17 Oct 1956Putnam County, Ohio, USA I149258
4 Doepker, William J.  17 Sep 1946Putnam County, Ohio, USA I95558
5 Heinl, John  Bef 1930Putnam County, Ohio, USA I95547
6 Hotz, Henry J.  20 Jun 1986Putnam County, Ohio, USA I240812
7 Seimet, Andrew  10 Sep 1936Putnam County, Ohio, USA I95509
8 Seimet, Philip S.  12 Mar 1945Putnam County, Ohio, USA I95526
9 Seimet, Velma  21 May 1961Putnam County, Ohio, USA I267213
10 Sutherland, John  19 Nov 1968Putnam County, Ohio, USA I351854
11 Vogt, Mary L.  7 Apr 1926Putnam County, Ohio, USA I95518
12 Wank, Norbert J.  6 Oct 2002Putnam County, Ohio, USA I149371


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Birkemeier / Seimet   F92576
2 Delucenay / Noirot  15 Mar 1877Putnam County, Ohio, USA F66675
3 Heinl / Seimet  1883Putnam County, Ohio, USA F42447
4 Schneeg / Mandery  14 Oct 1884Putnam County, Ohio, USA F33359
5 Seimet / Ellerbrock  5 Nov 1891Putnam County, Ohio, USA F42445
6 Seimet / Sawmiller  25 Oct 1941Putnam County, Ohio, USA F42460
7 Seimet / Wischmeyer  24 Oct 1911Putnam County, Ohio, USA F42454
8 Steffen / Heinl  24 Aug 1904Putnam County, Ohio, USA F42469