Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Birkenhördt Project?

We are a non-commercial project committed to documenting all genealogical relationships in the Southern Palatinate (Districts of the Südwestpfalz and the Südliche Weinstraße) and the French district of Bas-Rhin. We will also document the emigrants from this area and their descendants in the country of immigration.

Who is included in the Birkenhördt Project?

We are generally only interested in people who themselves live in our area of interest or whose ancestors came from that area. Spouses (because of the children who are descendants) are always included even if they have no genealogical connection to the project. At our discretion we may also include the parents of those spouses, but we make no further attempt to follow that line.

How long has the Birkenhördt Projekt been in existence?

The Birkenhördt Project has been online since 2004, but it actually started in the year 2000 when some of the project's current contributors connected up through the Internet and started exchanging data.

What is the project's privacy policy and how does it affect what I can see on the Internet?

The database only displays the first name(s) and surnames of living persons even when more information about those individuals is available in the database. In the case of the deceased, however, all known information is shown. The first name(s) and surname of living persons are displayed in the database if this information is in the public domain.

How can I contribute information about my family to the project?

For individuals or families already in the database, the easiest way to get additional data to us is simply to find that individual or family (group sheet) in the database and then to use the "Suggest" tab at the top of that page.

How often is the database updated?

The Birkenhördt Project receives several hundred emails a week. Most of them are from contributors and contain corrections, amendments and other suggestions to the data contained in the database. If possible, all contributions are vetted - using resource materials (in the main church records) available to us - before that information is entered directly into the database. Since May 2018 all data added is immediately visible on the Internet.

How can I find out how I'm related to others in the database?

Go to your personal individual page and click on the 'Relationship' tab in the menu. You are now listed as Person 1. Using the 'Find' function for Person 2, search for the individual for whom you want to see your relationship and make them Person 2. When you can see that you are Person 1 and they are Person 2, please click on the 'Calculate' button.