Mission Statement

We are a non-commercial project committed to documenting all genealogical relationships in the Southern Palatinate (Südpfalz and the French district of Bas-Rhin). We also document the emigrants from this area and their descendants in the country of immigration.

Project History

The Birkenhördt Project has been online since 2004, but its genesis lies in the 1980s when some genealogists - armed only with a PC and without Internet access - began to work on their family history. The lucky ones had notes and family trees from relatives as a foundation on which they could build their family's history. Others had to make their way to the nearest LDS Family History Centre in order to get at microfilms of church records from the Palatinate. Genealogists in Germany had to first find out where the church records were stored before they could start working through the handwritten Latin texts.

Sometime after 2000 some of the current contributors got together through the Internet and started comparing notes. It was through Denise Fulton from Ohio and her extensive research that the Birkenhördt Project was born. It wasn't long before other contributors joined in and made their own valuable contributions. Through the Internet, more and more genealogists became aware of the Project's existence and supported it by contributing their family data. Finally in 2004, Recs set up the website and he has been improving and extending it ever since.

We are still nowhere near our original goal of genealogically connecting everyone in the Birkenhördt area, but more families are being connected every day. At this point in time we are involved in spanning the gap between the genealogical past and the present by attempting to contact people currently living in the area who are willing and able to share information with us about their ancestors. Work on this site is in progress and we are grateful for any corrections, changes, additions or comments.

Privacy Policy

In our online database only the first name(s) and surnames of living persons are displayed even when more information is available in the offline database. In the case of the deceased, however, all known information is shown. The first name(s) and surname of living persons are displayed in the database if this information is in the public domain or if the living individual has given us permission to publish it.


Recs & Ursula Jenkins née Müllecker are the initiators and administrators of the Birkenhördt Project. Both have been working on and off in the field of genealogy since 1990. They maintain their own family website and are also the initiators and administrators of another online project about the Soddy-Daisy area of Hamilton County, Tennessee called "The Soddy-Daisy-Roots Project" which has been online since 2009.